The Social Impact Suite

From Government Agencies to National Nonprofits

Organizations from across the nonprofit and government sectors use the Social Impact Suite to deliver the highest quality services.

Types of Organizations Using this Suite



a tool to manage the records of all of your people

The America Learns system, with all its capabilities, allows us to leverage our small staff to serve a large population of AmeriCorps members in a useful, efficient, and differentiated way…. Simply put, America Learns makes Coach Across America a better program.

- James Kallusky, Coach Across America

I love you guys so much!

- Donna Harper, AmeriCorps Tallhassee
Manage and communicate with all of your people.
From applicant to alumni records, we have you covered.
Got Attachments?
Attach files, from applications to background check files.
Experience freedom.
It’s completely customizable and totally intuitive, so everybody on your team will know how to use it in minutes.


a tool to measure, report, and advance your impact
Makes it easy to share your story
Get clear, accurate information to communicate your organization’s value.
Tracks the progress of each individual you’re serving
Track your organization’s short- and long-term impact on clients and beneficiaries.
Simplifies grant writing and reporting to funders
We simplify the grant writing and reporting process so you have more time to use the data you’re collecting.
Takes you beyond “How many?” and into “How well?”
Basic numbers only tell you so much.  We help you measure the true difference you’re making.
Brings data to the front lines
Empower people on the front lines with data they can use to learn what’s working, what isn’t, and why.
Informs data-driven program-enhancements
We make sure you have the capacity to put your data to use.


a tool for facilitating reflection and knowledge sharing

[With the America Learns Impact Suite], not only have we been able to grow our program and serve more girls, but also increase the quality of support we give our volunteers, increase staff productivity, and streamline our evaluation process.

- Meghan Arrigo, Girls For A Change
Supports learning and development of your people on the front lines
Make sure your people delivering services get the targeted support they need when they need it.
Builds your organization’s institutional memory
The most innovative and effective strategies being implemented on the front lines today should be available to learn from tomorrow. Make that happen.
Cuts out messy listservs and message boards 
Build a learning community without the hassle of outdated technologies.


a tool to get your people the info they need, when they need it

When the annual contractual cost of AL is deducted, the savings is still over $8,000 [annually]…. the reduction in staff work load has resulted in greatly reduced stress for staff—something that is hard to put a price tag on, but believe me, it’s priceless!

- Randee Williams, Fmr. Director, America Reads Mississippi
Gets info to your front lines immediately
Whether you need to blast out a text or an e-mail, we have you covered.
Meets people where they are (their phones)
Did you know that 88% of e-mails now go unread, while just 2% of texts go unread?  Be confident that your entire front line is hearing you.


simple, flat-rate pricing

We designed the Social Impact Suite to be extraordinarily flexible. That flexibility allows you to twist and turn the Impact Suite in any which way to get what you need – without having to ever worry about surprise charges or customization fees.

Our simple, flat-rate pricing aligns with your organization’s size so that it makes sense for your budget.