The AmeriCorps Impact Suite

Fourteen Years of Serving AmeriCorps

Nationwide, AmeriCorps and VISTA programs ranging in size from a handful to 5,000 corps members use at least one of the Impact Suite’s components.

Choose What You Need.

Whether you need accurate data, tools to put your data to use, the leading timesheet service, or a way to stay connected with your members, we have you covered.  And of course, the Impact Suite is friendly with eGrants and My AmeriCorps!


Used by:

Member Manager+

a tool to manage your applicants, members, and alumni
Manage and share files safely.
Manage your entire member life-cycle: collect applications, manage member files, and stay connected with alumni.
Got Attachments?
Attach all of the files you need, from applications to background check files.
Experience freedom.
It’s completely customizable and totally intuitive, so everybody on your team will know how to use it in minutes.


a tool to make timesheets a non-issue
Exceeds CNCS regulations
The system is fully compliant with the most stringent interpretation of CNCS timesheet regulations.
Respects reality
Life happens, so we made our system the only one that allows you to change any settings at any time, even after your program year begins.
Tracks people down for you
Imagine not having to track down members to submit a sheet. Imagine not having to remind site supervisors to review and approve sheets. Our system keeps everybody in the loop, so you don’t have to.
Gives members the information they need
What if you didn’t have to inform your members of the number of hours they have left to serve?  We take care of that (and more) for you.
Always watching out for you
Our system is the only one that proactively alerts you when a member submits a sheet containing questionable details.
Builds reports to your liking
Ours is the only timesheets system built for AmeriCorps that allows you to create truly customized reports.


a tool to measure, report, and advance your impact
Make it easy to share your story.
Don’t let your program be the best-kept secret in AmeriCorps.  Get clear, accurate information to demonstrate your program’s value.
Track the progress of each client and beneficiary.
Track and understand the accomplishments, strengths, and challenges of each client and of each client cohort.
Simplify grant writing and reporting to service commissions, CNCS, & other funders.
We simplify the reporting process so you have more time to use the data you’re collecting.
Go beyond “How many?” and into “How well?”
We all know that CNCS wants more than just numbers these days.  We help you measure the difference you’re making.
Bring data to your members.
Empower your members with data they can use to learn what’s working, what isn’t, and why.
Inform data-driven program-enhancements.
We make sure you have the capacity to put your data to use.


a tool to facilitate meaningful reflection
Go beyond the text field.
The most meaningful reflections demand more than a “reflect here” box.
Connect reflections to on-the-ground realities.
Help your members connect their service and service goals to political, economic, and social forces.
Connect to Life After AmeriCorps.
Get and keep members on-track for their next steps.


a tool to facilitate knowledge sharing and ongoing skill development
Enhance member learning and development.
Make sure your members get the targeted support they need when they need it.
Build your program’s institutional memory.
Make sure your members’ best work gets captured for current and future members to benefit from.
Cut out e-mail lists and message boards.
Build a learning community without the hassle of outdated technologies.


the national service communications portal
Gets members and supervisors the info they need
Whether you need to blast out a text or an e-mail, we have you covered.
Meets Millennials where they are (their phones)
Did you know that 88% of e-mails now go unread, while just 2% of texts go unread?  Be confident your members are hearing you.

Customer Support

relationships, not account numbers
No surprises.
We want you to know exactly what you’re paying for, so before a contract is even signed, we’ll customize the Impact Suite for you.
We’re here for you seven days a week.
Our offices are staffed 12 hours a day during the work week, and somebody is always on-call during nights, weekends & holidays.
You’ll hear from us more than we hear from you.
We proactively check in with you throughout the year to learn how we can provide even better services to you and your people.
Meet your new partner & cheerleader.
You’ll have dedicated points of contact here who will get to know every detail of your program so that you can count on us as true members of your team.


simple, flat-rate pricing

We designed the AmeriCorps Impact Suite to be extraordinarily flexible. That flexibility allows you to twist and turn the Impact Suite in any which way to get what you need – without having to ever worry about surprise charges or customization fees.

Our simple, flat-rate pricing aligns with your program’s size so that it makes sense for your budget.