Welcome to the Nevada County Community Library!

The Nevada County Community Library is the latest California Library Literacy Services grantee to invest in the Student Success Impact Suite. The Library provides both confidential one-on-one tutoring services for adults and family literacy programming.  The Impact Suite is being deployed to manage the department’s HR records for both volunteers and learners, to provide timely, personalized support to each volunteer, to monitor and report impact, and to inform programming decisions. Welcome!

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Welcome to the Solano County Library!

We’re thrilled to welcome the Solano Country Library Adult Literacy and ESL Programs to the community of California Library Literacy programs using the Impact Suite! More than 150 adult literacy tutors and 50 other volunteers will be using the Impact Suite to report their impact, share and learn best practices, and keep their contact and other key information current.  Program staff will be using the Impact Suite to gain a more complete view of operations, reduce time on administrative tasks, and spend far more time using relevant information to support volunteers and drive impact.

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Match Education Invests in the Impact Suite

  After winning a grant during the exceptionally-competitive 2015 AmeriCorps grant cycle, Match Education launched an 186 AmeriCorps member Education Award program to provide high-dosage, small group tutoring to low-income students in three states — Massachusetts, Louisiana, and California.  Members also foster family engagement through weekly communication with parents and guardians. Match recently decided to invest in the AmeriCorps Impact Suite’s timesheet module for the upcoming 2016-17 program year.  The organization is moving to the Impact Suite after trying out a different solution during its first year of operations. We’re honored that Match decided to partner with us to ensure that its people…

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Welcome to Reading Assist Institute!

We’re excited to announce that Reading Assist Institute in Delaware is among the latest organizations to invest in the AmeriCorps Impact Suite.  RAI will use the Impact Suite with its new AmeriCorps program, RAI Reading Corps, beginning this fall. RAI’s tutors work directly inside the schools with students with reading difficulties, usually in 1st through 3rd grades.  The organization focuses on the “mechanics of reading” with students who struggle to connect letters and their related sounds — ultimately impairing their ability to decode words and to read fluently.  Reading difficulties like these affect about 20 percent of all students in any classroom. For the…

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Impact at AmeriCorps Tallahassee

At least once a year, we spend 90 minutes with each of the leaders using the Impact Suite’s Data+, Learning, and Communications services, figuring out how we can continue innovating to make life better for those we serve (and, of course, for the people they serve). Earlier this morning, we led one of these sessions with Donna Harper, the leader of AmeriCorps Tallahassee.  During the conversation, we brainstormed on innovations we could bring to our student tracking system and on how we can give AmeriCorps members more abilities to use data wisely throughout the year. While reflecting on the budget hit that…

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Welcome to Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College!

We’re so excited to welcome Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University to the AmeriCorps Impact Suite community! The Teachers College is leading a new AmeriCorps program that adds capacity to public school classrooms by bringing its teacher preparation students in as co-teachers.  The program will lower teacher-student ratios, increase students’ access to varied teaching styles, and increase the time that teachers can spend working with individual and small groups of students.

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Jumpstart Named an Examplar Program by the Center for High Impact Philanthropy!

    We’re thrilled to celebrate Jumpstart’s latest achievement: being named as an “exemplar program” by the Center for High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania. Children who participate in Jumpstart’s programming are more likely to enter kindergarten on track to succeed.  A 2011 study of the original model found that: – 68% of Jumpstart students made greater grains than comparison students on a widely-used measure of kindergarten readiness, the Bracken School Readiness Assessment (BSRA), while 71% showed larger gains on a common test of early reading skills (the TERA 3).  In fact, the average gain for Jumpstart students…

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America Learns’ CEO to Keynote Convocation at Northwestern University’s School of Education & Social Policy

Gary Kosman, our founder and CEO, will be the keynote speaker at Northwestern University’s School of Education & Social Policy (SESP) convocation on June 20th. America Learns was born out of volunteering and research experiences that Gary had while attending Northwestern and earning his bachelors at SESP in 2000.  Gary is the youngest person to have ever keynoted this ceremony.

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Welcome to Centro Hispano: The Hispanic Center of Greater Danbury

We’re thrilled to announce that Centro Hispano’s brand new AmeriCorps Collegiate Development Program has invested in the America Learns Network! The program focuses on college readiness preparation and leadership development for minority and Hispanic/Latino youth in the greater Danbury, CT area.  The program is made up of the following components: – Leadership development – One-on-one mentoring around the college application process – Service learning – Community/family engagement We’re so grateful to be part of this new program’s efforts.

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Welcome to Monroe Community College’s Rochester AmeriCorps!

We’re excited to welcome Rochester AmeriCorps to the America Learns community! Rochester AmeriCorps members serve in primary schools, secondary schools, and community-based pre-collegiate programs, providing enrichment activities, mentoring, tutoring, intensive student support, and college prep services.  Some members also engage students in art, music, and sports activities.  

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