Education & Human Development Impact Suite is Fully-Aligned with New Mentoring Toolkit

Many, if not all, of the programs we serve ask themselves the same two questions all the time: – “Is my program making a impact?” and; – “Are the tools I’m using to measure this impact effective and valid?” To help programs answer this question, The National Mentoring Resource Center just launched a brand new Toolkit for mentoring programs, called aptly, the Measurement Guidance Toolkit for Mentoring Programs. This toolkit provides, “recommended instruments for measuring key youth outcomes in mentoring programs as well as several risk and protective factors that may be relevant to program outcomes.” The toolkit assists mentoring…

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How to Choose the Best Technology Options for Your Nonprofit Program

This past week, MANY invited us to train its membership on how to ensure that nonprofits invest in systems that are properly aligned with their needs, culture, and capacity. We’re obsessed with this topic because we’ve seen far too many organizations invest in systems that not only drained precious time and money, but actually hurt their operations.   The good news is that there’s a way to avoid this, even if your organization doesn’t have systems experts or change management experts on-staff. A recording of the presentation is below.  Watch it to learn: – How to assess which technologies (if…

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Evaluating Data Products and Services

Recently, Data Analysts for Social Good asked us to provide nonprofit leaders with a run-down of the most important parts of evaluating and on-boarding data products and services.  This topic is near and dear to our hearts.  Way, way too many nonprofits invest in high-priced software and services, only to find that they’re never used or used to their full potential. Leaders can take concrete steps to ensure that they’re investing in the right service and are preparing to implement that service in a wise way. If you’re currently evaluating an America Learns Impact Suite, this video will give you a…

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Upcoming Event on Evaluating Data Products & Services

In recognition of the work we do with the organizations we serve, Data Analysts for Social Good has asked us to lead a webinar on evaluating data-focused products and services. There is an incredibly powerful array of software- and web-based tools to help organizations monitor, evaluate, and improve service delivery.   While the technology behind these products is incredible, the products are only effective if organizations have the necessary culture and human capital to support them. The hands-on session will give you tools to answer the following questions as you evaluate data-related products and services for your organization: – How can I make sure that…

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Are You Stuffing Outcomes Down Your Shirt?

I ran into the following clip from I Love Lucy a few days ago and couldn’t help to think about outcomes. Take a look at the clip through the 2:45 mark.  Let’s break the scene down: 1) The manager threatens Lucy and Ethel: If they don’t wrap each piece of chocolate on time, they’ll be fired. 2) The manager leaves as Lucy and Ethel do their work. 3) Lucy and Ethel quickly become overwhelmed, eventually stuffing the chocolates they can’t wrap into their mouths, their shirts, and their hats. 4) When the conveyor belt stops, the manager comes out, sees that…

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Grill Your Potential Technology Partners

Here at America Learns, we don’t push our services on organizations that are evaluating our services.  If anything, we try to provide organizations reviewing any of our Impact Suites with “pushback ammo” — a list of questions we think it’s important to ask whenever web-based services are being evaluated. Here’s the latest version of the guide that we provide to organizations evaluating our services: How to Grill Your Potential Technology Partner.  Whether or not we work together, we hope you’ll use the guide to make the best technology-based investments for you and your organization.

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