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Salesforce for AmeriCorps Programs: Making it Happen Wisely and Inexpensively

As more and more AmeriCorps programs switch to the free, nonprofit version of to manage key member info (contact details, background check status, the status of other paperwork being submitted), some programs are also spending tons of money on consultants to customize the free edition of Salesforce. We’re wondering if any AmeriCorps program directors would be interested in us putting together a tutorial video on how to customize Salesforce on your own to easily manage all of this info — without paying consultants to do it.  It’d be a two to five hour investment of your time (depending on what you want to track),…

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Green City Force Invests in Our AmeriCorps Timesheets Service

We’re so excited to welcome Green City Force to the community of AmeriCorps programs that are using our AmeriCorps-compliant timesheets service. Green City Force’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty, preparing urban young adults to succeed in their chosen careers by engaging them in service, training, academics and work experiences related to the clean energy economy.  In doing so, GCF encourages them to lead socially and environmentally responsible lives. GCF’s ambition is that national service directed at reducing green-house gas emissions and improving the environment becomes an avenue to prosperity for a generation of urban youth in New York…

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Welcome to ARYSE: The Alliance for Refugee Youth Support & Education

We’re thrilled to announce that the Alliance for Refugee Youth Support and Education has begun to use our network of services to monitor and expand the impact of its alliance members nationwide. ARYSE connects and empowers university-based refugee tutoring and mentoring programs.  Alliance members from across the United States provide critical academic and emotional support for refugee youth as they adapt to the American education system. ARYSE facilitates leadership development of university students and refugee youth, fostering a community of young people dedicated to increasing educational access and opportunities for refugee youth. Learn more at    

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FoodCorps Earns Investment from New Profit

New Profit, the national venture philanthropy fund that harnesses America’s spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship to help solve our country’s biggest social problems, just invested in FoodCorps! FoodCorps has partnered with us to handle its data collection, service member reflection, and AmeriCorps compliance needs since Day 1.  Working with the FoodCorps team isn’t only an honor because of the organization’s mission and effectiveness.  Their team also constantly pushes us to make our services better and better.  We’re so grateful to have the FoodCorps team’s brainpower and innovative spirit on our side. And it’s just the beginning for these guys…. So exciting.

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Welcome to Blue Engine!

Success in college is shaped by many factors, but research has consistently shown that academic rigor during high school is the single strongest predictor of whether students sink or swim once they enter college. To ensure students build strong academic foundations in high school, Blue Engine recruits, trains, and supports Blue Engine Teaching Assistants (BETAs), recent college graduates who collaborate with teachers to help students develop advanced skills in mathematics, literacy, and social cognition before they set foot on campus. We’re so excited to help the Blue Engine team spend as little time as possible on AmeriCorps timesheets so that…

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OMB Circular A-122: Is the Application to AmeriCorps Fact or Fiction?

Deep inside OMB Circular A-122 (from Attachment B, Section 8(m)(2)(a) lies a little piece of text that reads: (a) The reports must reflect an after-the-fact determination of the actual activity of each employee. Budget estimates (i.e., estimates determined before the services are performed) do not qualify as support for charges to awards. Depending on how you read this, you might walk away feeling that AmeriCorps member timesheets must never be submitted ahead of the last day of a given pay period. After conducting research with an amazingly helpful Senior Grants Officer at CNCS, we’ve finally gotten to the bottom of…

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LISC Switches from OnCorps Reports to America Learns

We’re thrilled that LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation) has decided to partner with us to help its brand new, national AmeriCorps program collect, manage, and apply its most performance measurement and operations data.  LISC will also be using our AmeriCorps-compliant timesheet service to ensure that its on-the-ground supervisors never get bogged down in AmeriCorps compliance work. Previously, LISC used OnCorps Reports for these purposes. To date, while a number of organizations have made the switch from OnCorps to our services, no program has made the switch from our services to OnCorps unless a service commission has imposed that requirement. For…

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Welcome to the Newest Members of the America Learns Community!

We’re thrilled to begin serving the following organizations! – Blue Engine (New York) – Claflin Saturday Academy (South Carolina) – Dial/Self (Massachusetts) – Foothills AmeriCorps (South Carolina) – Community Builders (New York) – Green City Force (New York) – Harlem RBI AmeriCorps (New York) – Michigan Nonprofit Alliance – Reading Success AmeriCorps (South Carolina) – Upstate Service Corps (South Carolina) – UWAC AmeriCorps (South Carolina) – United Way of the Lowcountry (South Carolina) – United Way of Southern Nevada – Trident United Way Financial Stability Project (South Carolina)- University of Arizona’s Wildcat Corps – Washington Service Corps It’s such an…

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Welcome to Our New Website!

Thanks for visiting our brand new site! We’ll be using this space to share news about our work, about our clients’ amazing accomplishments in the field, and about innovations in collecting and using data to drive social change.  Stay tuned!

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