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Welcome to Lake County AmeriCorps!

We’re thrilled to welcome Lake County AmeriCorps to the community of organizations that is using the AmeriCorps Impact Suite. Based in California, Lake County AmeriCorps engages AmeriCorps members in service to meet community needs in education, the environment, public safety, homeland security, and other areas. The program is investing the Timesheets and Communications components of the Impact Suite.  Learn more at the program at

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Breaking Habits to Drive Social Change

Our Founder and CEO, Gary Kosman, recently keynoted the convocation at Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy.  Check out the video below to hear Gary’s story of how he worked to identify and break a nasty habit, ultimately supporting our ability to drive the change we’re working for in the world.

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Are You Stuffing Outcomes Down Your Shirt?

I ran into the following clip from I Love Lucy a few days ago and couldn’t help to think about outcomes. Take a look at the clip through the 2:45 mark.  Let’s break the scene down: 1) The manager threatens Lucy and Ethel: If they don’t wrap each piece of chocolate on time, they’ll be fired. 2) The manager leaves as Lucy and Ethel do their work. 3) Lucy and Ethel quickly become overwhelmed, eventually stuffing the chocolates they can’t wrap into their mouths, their shirts, and their hats. 4) When the conveyor belt stops, the manager comes out, sees that…

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Congrats to Energy Corps!

We’re so excited that Energy Corps has received two new grants to continue its meaningful work across the country.  The grants allow Energy Corps to expand its work in Montana and Arkansas.  As a part of its work, Energy Corps will be using all components of The AmeriCorps Impact Suite. About Energy Corps: Citizens throughout or nation’s communities are struggling with their energy bills, yet they are often eligible for energy assistance or could improve their consumption by taking minor measures.  Only a small percentage of qualifying homes take advantage of the available energy assistance and few have the knowledge of…

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Grill Your Potential Technology Partners

Here at America Learns, we don’t push our services on organizations that are evaluating our services.  If anything, we try to provide organizations reviewing any of our Impact Suites with “pushback ammo” — a list of questions we think it’s important to ask whenever web-based services are being evaluated. Here’s the latest version of the guide that we provide to organizations evaluating our services: How to Grill Your Potential Technology Partner.  Whether or not we work together, we hope you’ll use the guide to make the best technology-based investments for you and your organization.

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Impact at Montana State Parks

Below you’ll find an e-mail we received from Montana State Parks AmeriCorps (MPSA) today about our work together during the past two years.  MPSA was the first state parks agency-based national service program that we had an opportunity to work with.  We’re so grateful for their trust and partnership.

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Impact at Vet Corps in Washington State

Yesterday at NCVS, Wendy Spencer highlighted three national service programs during the closing plenary.  One of those programs was Washington State-based Vet Corps. Following that incredible moment, I wrote Jason Alves, Vet Corps’ director, to celebrate with him.  Here’s his response: We didn’t know she was going to mention us, but it has been exciting to see the twitter world and everything around it light up ever since. We are doing well in large part because of America Learns, so thank you. You and your team have been extremely supportive and we really appreciate it. Jason Alves Program Manager Veterans Conservation…

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Impact at the Connecticut Commission on Community Service

Serve Connecticut adopted the America Learns Social Impact Suite this past fall to easily monitor and support its AmeriCorps portfolio. We just received the following e-mail from the Commission’s Senior Program Officer summarizing their first year’s experiences with us: It has been wonderful working with you all.  The America Learns system is so user friendly and your responsiveness, availability and attention to detail are superb.  Thank you for helping make data collection and analysis better for Connecticut’s AmeriCorps programs. – Shayla Williams, Senior Program Officer  

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Are You Meeting Millennials Where They Are?

So many of the organizations we serve have shared stories with us about having a tough time communicating with Millennials.  Much of our team is actually made up of members of that generation, so we get it. The generational differences really hit us when we heard an anecdote from a national organization we serve.  Two of its people delivering services on the ground (both recent college grads) flat out said the equivalent of, “If you want to get a hold of me, text me, because I’m not going to check e-mails you send on a regular basis.” Yes, that can…

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Jumpstart Named an Examplar Program by the Center for High Impact Philanthropy!

    We’re thrilled to celebrate Jumpstart’s latest achievement: being named as an “exemplar program” by the Center for High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania. Children who participate in Jumpstart’s programming are more likely to enter kindergarten on track to succeed.  A 2011 study of the original model found that: – 68% of Jumpstart students made greater grains than comparison students on a widely-used measure of kindergarten readiness, the Bracken School Readiness Assessment (BSRA), while 71% showed larger gains on a common test of early reading skills (the TERA 3).  In fact, the average gain for Jumpstart students…

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