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Impact at ARYSE

In 2013 and 2014, the Alliance for Refugee Youth Support and Education used the Education & Human Development Impact Suite to get the data and feedback the organization’s leaders needed to develop programs, build partnerships, and serve ARYSE member organizations. ARYSE was an America Learns Excellence Fund grantee.  The Excellence Fund is a special source of money that is awarded to high-potential start-up organizations so that their leaders can harness the Impact Suite’s power. Several days ago, we received the following e-mail from one of ARYSE’s co-founders, Julia Schuster.  The e-mail provides a glimpse of how some organizations use the Impact Suite…

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FoodCorps is Changing School Lunches

We’ve all heard the horror stories of why school lunch isn’t fit to eat, and now FoodCorps is rising to the challenge of what’s wrong with school lunch in America. Service members like Caroline Stover are fanning out across the nation and educating children on healthy food choices, bridging local farms to school food sourcing, and teaching students to cook for each other. We’re honored to be beginning our fourth year of working with FoodCorps.  Their nationwide impact is not only palpable; their data and evaluation team is also simply incredible. Check out the clip below to learn more, or…

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Celebrating Five Years with Coach Across America

We’ve been working with Coach Across America since the program’s inception five years ago.  Today, the program engages more than 450 coaches across the country, through both AmeriCorps- and privately-funded cohorts.  Most of the program’s AmeriCorps work is funded through a national grant, though the program also receives state funding in Florida, Illinois, and Louisiana, Yesterday, I had the incredible treat of attending a portion of the program’s Coach Training Institute in Los Angeles.  When I arrived, coaches were learning about how long it takes for adrenaline to work through kids’ bodies when they get angry, how to support children with…

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Make A Difference 2020 Joins the America Learns Community!

We’re psyched to welcome Virginia-based Make A Difference 2020 to the community of organizations using the AmeriCorps Impact Suite! Established in 2013, Make A Difference 2020 inspires youth in low-income communities to consider careers in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  Make a Difference VISTAs work to support local partners in each jurisdiction by assisting with the strategic establishment of STEM-Scholar Coalitions. Learn more about the organization.

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Welcome to Cradle Beach!

We’re excited to welcome Buffalo, New York-based Cradle Beach to the America Learns Impact Suite community. Cradle Beach just won an extraordinarily competitive grant to start an education-focused National Service AmeriCorps program.  The program will provide tutoring, mentoring and academic support services to third through sixth graders throughout the school year. The organization will be taking advantage of our new student tracking and support services to ensure that everybody is on the same page about each student at all times.  

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Great Night at the AmeriCorps Symposium!

Last night, we hosted a party at ArtJamz for the AmeriCorps Impact Suite members attending this year’s AmeriCorps Symposium. We’re now not only impressed by the commitment of these talented individuals to use data to constantly advance impact…. Their painting skills aren’t half-bad either!                                                                                        

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Free, Unlimited Text Messages!

It’s not a cell phone add.  It’s an invitation for you to reach your people immediately. Members of the Impact Suite community have told us that their volunteers, AmeriCorps members, teachers, coaches, supervisors and field staff are often tough to reach via phone and e-mail. That’s why we recently launched a significant upgrade to the Communications Portal of the Impact Suites. . . Organizations we serve can now send free, unlimited texts to any individual or group of people on the team.  Unlike other services out there, there’s absolutely no per-message fees.  Unlimited and free mean unlimited and free. We’ve built other…

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Upcoming Event on Evaluating Data Products & Services

In recognition of the work we do with the organizations we serve, Data Analysts for Social Good has asked us to lead a webinar on evaluating data-focused products and services. There is an incredibly powerful array of software- and web-based tools to help organizations monitor, evaluate, and improve service delivery.   While the technology behind these products is incredible, the products are only effective if organizations have the necessary culture and human capital to support them. The hands-on session will give you tools to answer the following questions as you evaluate data-related products and services for your organization: – How can I make sure that…

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Connections to eGrants and My AmeriCorps

A number of AmeriCorps program leaders have been approaching us with questions about the Impact Suite’s ability to “connect with” eGrants and My AmeriCorps.  Other companies, we’re told, are making claims about their ability to connect with those two CNCS-managed sites. In this context, it’s important to understand what “connects with” means.  It means that one can export data (like a member roster) from eGrants, and then import that data into the service provided by the company.  Like those other services, the AmeriCorps Impact Suite offers the same capabilities. We recently had an e-mail conversation about these connections with a senior program…

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